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Silk By Design: artificial flowers and greenery

The success of artificial flowers and greenery in a decor scheme is directly linked to their appearance – the more realistic, the better the overall picture and result.

Crafting realistic artificial plants such as this requires meticulous attention to detail and the use of top-quality materials.

Luckily, customers can count on Silk By Design for the most realistic-looking botanicals on the market – each carefully modelled on its organic counterpart.

Founded by Susan McNair, the company has 25 years of experience in the sector along with a reputation for craftsmanship and detail, delivering exceptional silk flowers to a global clientele. Their team, led by Head Florist Albertina Nzuza, is dedicated to creating beautiful arrangements that bring joy to customers.

Silk By Design offers various types of artificial flowers and plants, including silk flower arrangements with roses, lilies, orchids, proteas and tulips; artificial palms, aloes and trees, as well as hanging greenery and shrubs; and artificial vertical gardens.

When it comes to selecting the best artificial option for a space, Silk By Design suggests the following: “Any modern office benefits from the gentle greenery and pops of uplifting colour that plant life brings to a work environment. Artificial office plants making waves this season include planted alphabet boxes, yucca plant arrangements, and the ever-popular Echeveria succulent arrangements in clear glass pots. 

“Private homes, meanwhile, are perfect for uplifting artificial floral arrangements. Gladiolus arrangements, Azalea arrangements, and don’t forget the sweet Magnolia arrangements. Any one of these (or a combination of them) is sure to liven up the space where they are showcased while commercial settings are perfect for deploying artificial trees. Choose from realistic artificial Ficus trees, olive trees, and artificial palms. Dabble with some Fiddle Leaf Tree, or maybe some Dracaena. There’s also artificial bamboo, Philodendron, and the highly sought-after artificial bonsai and topiary.”

Silk By Design’s extensive range of artificial greenery and floral arrangements, including custom designs, are available to shop online.

Contact: Silk By Design.

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