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Furniture Oct 17, 2021

Ashley Furniture: Entertainment Centres For A Contemporary Home

Modern living calls for spacious living areas and places that centre around entertainment. Your living room may be a hub of activity, with a TV, gaming consoles, tablets and more. Create a beautiful, streamlined look with the ideal entertainment centre in your home. 

Some ideas:

Entertainment centres are an essential part of your living area. They’re large pieces, so you’ll want to make them fit into the room’s style without losing functionality. Perhaps you’re looking for something with more storage, or maybe one with the modern appearance of a floating unit. Entertainment centres that blend the way you want it to look with the way you want to use it always make the most impact.

However, entertainment centre ideas can fluctuate as you try to figure out what it is that you need. You may realize that perhaps having cleaner lines and saving space is more essential to you than having a fireplace. Sometimes, the need for storage will also outweigh the size you were planning to stick to. However, finding the perfect entertainment centre will make all the difference for your space.

Space Saving Entertainment

Wall entertainment centres are mounted and bring the necessary equipment to mount your TV to the entertainment centre. One of the biggest benefits of having a wall entertainment centre is that it doesn’t take up any floor space and won’t take up too much of your wall. So, if your living room is on the smaller side, this type of entertainment centre is the best fit. However, don’t let its size fool you. Although they are smaller, you can still hide wires and have ample storage to hide those cable boxes or video game consoles.

Best TV Stands For Hiding Wires

There’s nothing worse than sitting back on your couch to enjoy your favourite movie and the first thing your eyes look over too are the cords behind your TV stand. If you’re looking for the best tv stands for hiding wires, look no further! Ashley has the perfect selections to fit your design style. Whether you want something rustic yet charming, or something contemporary. They have a huge selection to get the right fit for your space.

What About Decor?

When deciding on decor for your entertainment centre, vases, picture frames, sculptures, and decorative objects are just a few ways to showcase your personality. Entertainment centre décor ideas are best executed when you create a vision of what you want your space to look like. Finding unique pieces to pair with your décor style is the best way to ensure that your personality shines through and your space feels more like home.

Although there’s a lot to weigh when it comes to a big purchase like this, it’ll be worth the effort. Video game nights will be better, your family binge-watching TV night will be that much more memorable. Once you see the personality and practicality your new entertainment centre adds to your space, you’ll wonder how you went so long without it.

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