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Furniture Nov 11, 2020

African Touch: Artistic Sculpture in Hardwood

The beauty of wood lies in its quality to be both organic and timeless. It takes true craftsmanship to mould and shape wood into a beautiful, functional form. It is an art worth celebrating and at African Touch, artistic sculptures come to life in hardwood.

The Victoria Falls Chair is a celebration of our beautiful African Hardwoods and the delight of master joinery. The defining feature of the chair is the thick slab of hardwood expertly carved and rounded to form the seat. The seat provides a rigid platform to which each leg is connected with a single large timber dowel. This is a truly unique way of building a chair and as far as we know has not been done before!

The backrest is also a novel design. Yacht sail rope is tautly stretched between two curved rails to give a unique finish and a very comfortable back support to complement the perfectly comfortable seat!

Handcrafted all-hardwood furniture is a luxury few can afford. At The African Touch they design functional furniture as art. Their master-craftsmen hand build and finish these creations from the finest African hardwoods, natural leather and solid brass into affordable, beautiful pieces that will uplift your space and last for generations.

What’s more is that African Touch will ship direct to you, anywhere in the world. This means that you can access the natural beauty of Africa and bring this into your favourite space.

For more visit African Touch.


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