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A living room mini-makeover in a weekend 

Give your living room a mini-makeover in a weekend, with four simple projects. Your living room doesn’t need a coat of paint or a major rehaul if you’re just looking to give it some personality. You can do some small DIY projects to give your living room something different!

Flooring and Rugs 

Laminate flooring can easily be installed within a day and is a simple project to take on. You get laminate flooring that looks just like real wood too, but a timeless look and feel. Once you’ve selected the colour, add a rug in the middle of the room to balance everything out.

Create Custom Art 

You can easily make gallery-worthy art pieces without being a professional artist! Something as silly as a potato masher with various shades of paint can end up being an abstract piece of art that works for your living room.

If you really can’t see yourself delving into creating your own art, purchase a statement canvas and replace your current wall art.


Side Tables

Nothing wrong with your side tables? Give them a paint, or upgrade to something retro that adds another dimension to your living room. Side tables don’t need to coordinate with your coffee table either.


Ditch the bookshelf for floating shelves. They’re easy to install and come in an array of sizes and colours. Display selected books and décor on your floating shelves. Install them above your couch, in a corner, or on a bare wall.

If your living room requires more than a mini makeover, it’s time to get in touch with the experts at Easylife Kitchens to start the design process. Locate your nearest showroom: https://www.easylifekitchens.co.za/showrooms/




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