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Sayari: A New Collection by Studio Lloyd

The luxurious Sayari Outdoor Collection is inspired by the beauty of the African continent. The launch of a sculptural and curved outdoor seating arrangement by Studio Lloyd.

Instead of using traditional shapes and patterns, this collection is a contemporary ode to the place the Studio calls home. “Sayari” is Swahili and translates to “Planet”. The focus of the collection lies on being gentle and conscious of our Sayari and to create products made of the Eucalyptus Globulus alien species which has a negative impact on the biodiversity of South Africa.

Furthermore, the collection consists of a reflective and thought-through environment – made to last. The simplistic yet eye-catching Maoni Daybed is versatile in its use and offers pairing with the uniquely shaped but functional Kimondo Side Table with marble inlay.

The Maoni Daybed

“Maoni” means “Comet” which reflects in the design of the Daybed. The beautifully crafted organic-shaped daybed is made of Eucalyptus Globulus bio-sourced hardwood. The daybed features a variety of curves incorporating an ultra-comfortable firm mattress and headrest that is supportive of your neck and upholstered in a soft high-quality outdoor woven fabric.

The Kinondo Side Table 

The Kimondo Side Table is the discretionary pendant to the Maoni Daybed. “Kimondo” is Swahili meaning “Meteor” which is a rock or metal body in outer space with the ability of entering the earth’s atmosphere. The side table fits perfectly into the larger circular curve of the daybed and is the ideal joint surface to keep personal belongings or refreshing drinks safe yet in reach.

Likewise to Maoni, the table is made of the alien species Eucalyptus Globulus with an added alluring inlay of natural stone. The side table is optional yet recommended in order to tie the design of the Sayari outdoor environment together.

Check out the new collection now available from Studio Lloyd.

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  1. Thalia Craven

    May 18, 2022

    So sophisticated and beautiful,
    I love it!


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