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Pergola Perfection At The Panel Factory

Summer is here and outdoor living areas are a necessity to any South African home. Often these spaces are an ideal gathering spot for family and friends. In essence, an outdoor living space can expand an entertainment area or any other part of your home, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Expand into the outdoors

If you are thinking of expanding your home’s interior, a pergola is a great way to do so. With this in mind, at The Panel Factory, you’ll find pergolas are a summer favourite. Laser cut decorative panels add architectural interest through pattern and design.

If you can imagine it, they can design it. Combining creativity with precision engineering, The Panel Factory can create a one of a kind bespoke pergola for you. The beauty of these laser cut pergola panels is how your choice of pattern not only provides the level of shading you require but the style you would like to achieve.

A play on light and shadow

Another unique attribute of this type of application is how screens can manipulate light through pattern. Light filters through the perforations producing unique shapes and shadows across a space, be it soft and elegant or strong and dramatic. The perforated panels have the ability to shape and transform light adding beautiful visual interest to a space through light and shadow.

Create a magical oasis indoors and out and embrace the summer months ahead.

Contact The Panel Factory to find out how you can extend your outdoor living space with a beautiful pergola. A worthy investment to a contemporary home.

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