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Two New Shades with Plaisir du Jardin

Colours invite us to explore our imagination, our self-expression and sometimes lead us to self-discovery. At Plaisir du Jardin you will find the stunning Fermob collections in two new exciting seasonal colours.

The Fermob collections introduce new colours every year, some classic, subtle, elegant and others on-trend. Every colour is nuanced and looks incredible alongside the others.

Here we share the two new shades of the season:

THE PRALINE INSPIRATION: The Fermob Collections are manufactured in France and Pink Praline is inspired by a local tradition. Praline is the bright pink candy that is found in the famous Lyonnaise praline tarts. It is delicious, crunchy and completely irresistible.

TRUE BLUE: In combination with neutral and bold colours, Deep Blue is a fantastically subtle tone. Perfect for Chic, Elegant settings bringing deep intense warm colour to a usually cool tone. It works well alongside verdant and blue-tinged shades. Together these new shades are indulgent, vibrant, exuberant and exotic!

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