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Taking care of your outdoor furniture this winter with Bloc Outdoor

Outdoor furniture is often associated with sunny skies, lounging by the pool and relaxing near the seaside. But what happens to your furniture when winter comes around and your outdoor furniture takes a back seat? 

Founder of Bloc Outdoor, Jacques Drake, has combined his expertise for design, function and materials to bring you some useful advice on how to choose and maintain your furniture during the winter months. A timbre construction veteran, Jacques has a passion for producing quality outdoor furniture that can withstand the often harsh climate of our continent.

Platform sofa with Malorca Concrete Coffee Table and Nautical Sun Loungers

Pack it up

Outdoor furniture, especially that constructed from timbre is best taken inside during the winter months. This seems like a rather common sense approach but most people neglect to realise that even weather-resistant patio furniture can be damaged by rain and high winds. Remove the items you won’t be using and store in the garage or at least in a protected area outdoors. All accessories such as cushions, lounger covers and small pieces should also be packed away. Most sun loungers can be folded for space-saving storage.

Malorca Concrete Table with Barcelona Chairs

Clean it

Before storing your furniture, clean it. Mold and mildew can have very damaging effects on your furniture, especially in cold and damp weather. Your furniture that cannot be wiped down with clean soapy water should be treated with a hardwood cleaner that is readily available from your local supermarket or hardware store. For tough stains, a solution of 1/4 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup ammonia and 5 litres water should do the trick. Clean and dry thoroughly before storing.

Oasis Beanbags

Cover up

Hard plastic coverings are ideal for larger pieces such as tables. Don’t forget your furniture smalls though, chairs can be stacked and covered as a unit. The best covers to look out for are those that are weather-resistant (obviously), and made from reinforced polyester. Lifting your outdoor furniture off the ground slighting using tiles is another great way to prevent water from damaging the legs of your tables and chairs.

Fire Pit with Stools

Choose the Bloc range

Clean, classic lines and functional design among its outstanding features, the locally-produced range of Bloc Outdoor furniture is crafted to be weather resistant from the sun, wind and piercing sun. Untreated with sealants or vanish for a natural look and feel, Bloc Outdoor range deserves the best care for a long-lasting, investment piece.

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