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Plaisir du Jardin: vibrant hues

Inside and out, vibrant hues are proving to be a huge trend in 2024.

From chic tone-on-tone palettes to earth tones and playful pastels, this year our world – and homes – are being coloured in a rainbow of hues, from mushroom to peach.

But it’s not just our interiors that are awash with colour – outdoor furniture and spaces are also going bold in 2024.

Here, garden furniture stockist Plaisir du Jardin shares how to incorporate colour into your outdoor space for an on-trend look.

  1. When incorporating trend colours gather a few good statement pieces: scatter cushions, a rug and a few colourful side tables and add them to your existing decor.
  2. Avoid over-saturating your space with colour, especially with strong colours like red, burnt orange, mustard etc. Choose a few trending accent colours you really like and add them to a neutral space to achieve a balance between calm and vibrancy. 
  3. Add texture and natural greenery to the space to create interest and a tactile experience.
  4. If you want to go for bold colours, opt for vibrant orange, red, green and purple. This is the time to mix traditional pieces with modern aesthetics and colour palettes.
  5. 2024 Does not exclude those who are not attracted to bright colours and vibrant accents.
    If you prefer a more restrained experience, opt for tone-on-tone layering. Using one family of colours, you can create a calm, elegant space.
  6. Don’t just restrict yourself to neutrals like Taupe, Grey and White for your tone-on-tone experience. Try the latest trend and go for tones of Blue on Blue, or Green on Green. These tones work so well in an outdoor setting reflecting the natural greenery of the garden and the blue reflecting the tones of your swimming pool. Add depth with warm tones and lightness with cooler tones.
  7. Incorporate texture and patterns, gloss and matt, dark and light, wood and metal into your monochrome scheme to prevent it from feeling (and looking) one-dimensional.
  8. We are very excited about the return of earth tones: creams, browns, tans and muted green tones. This palette creates warmth and cosiness and allows for accents of wood and leather. This palette is great to use with your garden as the backdrop. Earth tones blend seamlessly into an existing grey decor scheme for an energising effect. Add pops of white to lighten, highlight and keep things fresh and airy. If you have a love of all things mid-century modern then this colour palette will bring you joy. Let us introduce you to Fermob’s tantalising new earth colours.
  9. Pastels are great accent colours and add lightness to your decor all year round. Think frosted yellow, mint and marshmallow. Pair it with white, grey and beige for a soft, romantic look.

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