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Patio Warehouse: 4 Things To Check Off Before Spring Arrives

Spring is only a few weeks away! We’re excited to welcome in a new season with the latest design trends, new products and ideas to make it a memorable one! Here are four things to check off your to do list before the season officially arrives.

Clean up your outdoor space

You may have neglected your outdoor entertainment areas over the winter months. It’s now time to get things back into good shape. Clear out your patio – which may need a power wash to remove winter grime – and figure out how to style your space to make the most of it this Spring!

Bring out your mops, detergents and gloves to give your patio a good scrub down. A clean slate will inspire a new fresh look this Spring!

Add some new greenery

Spring calls for fresh blooms. Out with old, withered winter shrubs and in with vibrant foilage and florals to brighten up your patio. Add a few greens in pots around your patio to spruce up the place. And let’s not forget to treat and nourish those existing plants that you may have neglected through the colder months! Time to get those pruning scissors out!

Create a new shady area

As the sunnier months approach, it’s time to invest in adequate shade for your patio. Outdoor umbrellas and pergolas can help set the scene and create a beautiful space for gathering with loved ones. These also help to create a zone for relaxation outdoors without the worry of sunburn from the harsh summer climate. While you’re at it, remember to purchase an umbrella cover so you can take better care of it during the off season too!

Create an outdoor lounge area

Now that your space is clean, your foilage is in full bloom and you have invested in extra shade, it’s time to create that special lounge area to take your indoors outside during the spring. Choose quality outdoor furniture items that will withstand the harsh weather and make the most of your space. An outdoor sofa is the perfect spot to unwind and soak up the sunshine, but outdoor lounge sets, daybeds and benches are equally appealing.

We can’t wait for the warmer weather to arrive and we’re eager to get those patios into a pristine condition! Shop some of our favourite collections from Patio Warehouse and create a dreamy spring patio that your whole family will enjoy.

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