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Local is lekker.

Founded in a garage in Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal, in 2010, Alifurn has grown from a small local company to a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of outdoor furniture.

The company is particularly proud of its local roots.

“We believe local is lekker and we are proud to say that our furniture is 100% produced in South Africa,” says the company.

“With the outdoor furniture market flooded with low-quality imported items, we saw an opportunity to provide South Africans with the local, high-quality furniture they deserve. The market is inundated with companies who choose to import complete products and elements and materials from other countries that are only assembled in South Africa. Imports are not really our style because of the impact they have on the environment and the reduction in job creation it causes.”

From the beginning, Alifurn worked hard to establish local partnerships and supply chains – and it has paid off. Today, all the company’s fibre cane is produced locally, its aluminium sourced from South African mills, while its factories and shops provide local communities with employment opportunities.

“At Alifurn, we don’t take shortcuts because we believe quality should never be compromised. We are all about maintaining high levels of excellence in our craftsmanship, but creating high-end furniture is not our only passion – we also love people! What we do is more than a job, it’s about building connections not only within our organisation but with our customers, suppliers and the greater community in which we operate.”


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  1. Zimkhitha Manxiwa

    September 14, 2023

    request for a reseller partnership agreement for supply and delivery of office furniture to the state


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