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Lodge Living: Top 3 Woven Chairs by The African Touch

When it comes to lodge living today, there is a lot that can be learned from civilisations past. In fact, traditional woven chairs are still in production and continue to set the tone within a blissful lodge or safari camp retreat. Learn a little more about the history of these woven seats in South Africa and take a peek at three of our favourites now available from The African Touch.

In Southern Africa during the times of the Great Treks, furniture had to be fashioned from the material at hand. Early Dutch farmers came up with the ingenious idea of stringing the seats of their chairs with strips of rawhide (called Riempie) which tightened as the hide dried out and was most comfortable. When a riempie broke, as they tend to do, they simply replaced it the next time a beast was slaughtered. Nowadays, we luckily have exceptionally strong yacht sail rope to use as a substitute that will not break and gives just as comfortable a seat. Traditional riempie also available. All thanks to the old timers!

The Wilderness Chair

The Wilderness Chair epitomises the inherent simplicity of great design. Two elegantly folding leaves provide perfect comfort and the ultimate in storage convenience. It can be hung on a wall or stowed in a cupboard. Ideal as an extra chair or as permanent lounge chair. The yacht sail rope seats are not only very comfortable but extremely tough and hard-wearing.


The Safari Easy Chair

The elegant lines of the Safari Easy Chair remind one of the tusks of the great elephant that roams the African Savanna. The seat and backrest are curved and angled to give maximum comfort. Woven yacht rope provides a tight support and superb comfort. The frame is hand-shaped from beautiful Zambezi Teak.

The Safari Easy chair is an excellent lounger for hotel verandas, camp decks, by the pool or in a special private place. Everyone who sits in this chair falls in love with it instantly!


Planter’s Chair

The Planter’s Chair is one of the most popular remnants of the Colonial era. Swooping, simple curves outline a streamlined, majestic chair of generous space and comfort. Exotic furniture art at its best. The long, styled armrests are ideal to rest your gin & tonic while you relax on a sunny afternoon.

An oiled finish is best if you wish to leave your chairs outdoors.

Find these beauties online at The African Touch.


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