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Ergonomics is not about a single piece of office equipment. It’s about creating an environment that facilitates movement. The human body is designed to move. Unfortunately, however, our modern-day work environments are built around standardization, which often excludes personalized needs.
At Ergolab, a combination of comfort, movement and posture are the key driving forces behind a healthy, productive and efficient workspace. Ergolab assists clients in selecting a full ergonomic solution – through a combination of Humanscale sit/stand workstations, monitor arms, office chairs and other ergonomic tools.
A bit more about Humanscale:
Humanscale is the premier designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that improve health and comfort at work. Humanscale’s Design Studio, based in New York City, abides by the philosophy that good design achieves more with less. They regularly partner with esteemed industrial designers and are known for their history of collaboration with the iconic designer Niels Diffrient. Various Humanscale innovations have been honoured with more than 200 prestigious awards since 2007. They have also featured in various museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art in NY.
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For the next four weeks, Ergolab is running a sitewide promo of 20% OFF all Humanscale products online at www.ergolab.co.za
All you need to do is register/login to activate and show product discounts. Sale ends Sunday 14 Feb 2021.
Check out what is available online at Ergolab


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