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Tinsley Wood Crafters: Tips To Create The Perfect Work Space At Home

With working from home becoming the new norm, many South Africans are refreshing their interiors and creating a designated office to accommodate their new working conditions. Brendan Tinsley, founder and owner of Tinsley Wood Crafters offers some suggestions for people who are looking to make changes to their homes.

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease following the announcement of Level 1 in mid-September, businesses are reopening their offices and employees are returning to work. However, many employers have encouraged their staff to continue to stay at home to mitigate the risk of a potential second wave, while others have ditched the office completely in favour of remote working.

This comes as good news for Tinsley Woodcrafters, a Cape Town-based carpentry business that collaborates with interior designers, architects, upholsterers, and steel engineers to create beautiful custom-built furniture.

Founder and owner Brendan Tinsley has seen an increase in enquiries from homeowners and businesses looking to update their space. “We are still able to build unique custom furniture for our clients, even during COVID-19,” he says. “Clients can send us images, ideas, and videos of their space over WhatsApp or email, and we’re able to provide suggestions and send designs and quotes to them electronically. We are also able to send in a small team of people for installations and ensure we work around our clients’ schedules to limit interactions in their homes or offices,” he says.

Tinsley offers some suggestions for people who are looking to make changes to their homes:

Re-evaluate your space

With South Africans spending more time at home than ever, many took the opportunity to update their interiors or create designated office spaces to accommodate their new working conditions, making it the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate their space.

Tinsley suggests moving your laptop from the kitchen counter or coffee table, to ensure the areas in your home are suited to their function. Consider a beautiful new dining room table to connect over mealtime or transform your kitchen with a swoon-worthy island, making meal prep a breeze and your kitchen fantasies a reality.

Create a designated home office

As working from home becomes the new norm, it’s important to create a home office space that isn’t a seat at the dining room table in order to separate your work life from your personal one. Custom-built desks that accommodate second and even third screens are becoming increasingly popular, as well as built-in solutions that incorporate both desk and storage space, ideal for paperwork and confidential documents that require safekeeping.

Standing desks and laptop stands are the perfect solution for those who don’t need to maximise the surfaces space available at home.

Make your space work for you

When designing custom furniture, it’s important to consider where the item will be used as well as what design will work best for its intended purpose. Tinsley’s custom woodwork facility focuses specifically on his clients’ needs, style, and budget to create their perfect piece of furniture.

Tinsley sources all rare hardwoods locally from reputable suppliers and focuses on using timber species that are sustainably sourced, ensuring his clients find the ideal solution for their space while rebuilding the country’s economy.

“We are a turn-key facility offering design and fabrication using a wide variety of woodworking equipment, which allows us to maintain control over the entire process,” he says. “When people are creating hardwood furniture pieces that they will be using every day and handing down to future generations, we go the extra mile to ensure it is built to the our exacting standards and that our clients are happy.”

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