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Say Hello To Lola From Chicomponents

Set the trend with the latest Lola and Lola tub chair from Chicomponents. A great way to bring style and comfort to your office or interior.

Lola Plastic Shell


Artistic temptation, recycling has never looked this good. There’s no better way than to bring this freshness of green at work and enjoy the comfort at the workplace or even at the comfort of your own home. Time is the only thing that cannot be recycled. Lola green-chair helps perk up your work environment with stylish but yet fresh feel of refined quality. Lola unmistakably represents the future as 95% of it contains recyclable materials.

 Lola plastic chairs are manufactured with carefully selected high quality material reinforced injection process resulting in an extremely durable product. The Lola Plastic Chairs are light weight and simply washable with soapy water. The simple yet clean design leans towards a modern fresh look for any restaurant, cafe, hotel or home environment. Remember this, less is more. We bring not only office seating solutions to our clients, but also comfort seating and it’s our primary objective to provide the best quality solutions at all times.


Lola tub


Lola tub chair

Lola is not just a tub chair. It’s the epitome of stylish and multifunctional design that is suited for almost any environment. It’s a product that boasts a durable metal frame structure and also features comfortable yet durable moulded foam that makes it distinct from other concepts.

Lola boasts a sleek and modern design from every angle. The aim of a good design is to have influence, and the Lola tub chair does that effortlessly, it is simply the epitome of a trend setter without any doubt. It’s always good to be an influencer.

Get a natural feel as you sink into the seat, a comfy seating experience equally suited to sit in the living room or spice up an unused corner of the master suite. Lola tub chair is coming soon to make new waves.

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