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We are living through a time that is unprecedented and uncharted.

We are living through a time that is unprecedented and uncharted.

In line with the Covid 19 Regulations, returning to work will be somewhat different. Physical and social distancing, adding barriers and screens, cleaning and extensive safety measures will all be our new normal. 

Below are a few things that you will need to consider when returning to work and opening your offices.


Reduce Density and Deflect the Virus

Spread out your workspaces.  Your staff will need to be approximately 1.5 meters apart.  Screens and barriers must be put between desks that are facing each other, as well as on the sides of each desk.  This is to form almost a “cubicle” around each desk.  The higher the screen the better.  We recommend that you use a soil and water resistant material or Perspex screens. 

Ensure strict measures are in place in your reception area.  A screen on the reception counter is a must.  Limit the amount of people that enter the premises and if clients need to sit and wait, there are hanging screens that are available to partition off seating areas for the public.



Smaller Meetings

Establish protocols for the number of people that are allowed in an enclosed workspace, ensuring that you adhere to social and physical distancing regulations.  If you are able – keep all your meetings online.

Clean Frequently

Arm your staff with cleaning materials so they can wipe down their workstations.  Ensure that high traffic zones such as, door handles, elevator buttons, railings, bathrooms and kitchens are sanitized frequently.  Ensure your staff are always wearing masks.



Hygiene tips for the office


Add signage and prompts that encourage your staff as well as the public to wash their hands or use a sanitizer.


Do not share stationary, especially pens.  Pens are the most frequently touched and used item in the office and often by habit we put pens in our mouths.  Avoid the use of business cards and rather revert to email signature contact details.


Clean your working area on a regular basis.  Before you begin work on the first day back, ask your staff to clear their desks for a thorough wipe down.


Most businesses have melamine or HPL surface furniture items.  This can all be cleaned with methylated spirits and a soft cloth, using a circular motion.  Methylated spirits has a high alcohol content and can be used to disinfect without damaging the surface of the furniture.  Upholstered furniture is also among the easiest to clean.  Purchase a fabric-safe spray disinfectant and spray across the items and allow to dry. 


Please contact us today should you need assistance with space planning, screens and any other Covid 19 protection items that you may require. 




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