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Versatile Interiors: Creating A Comfortable Work Environment

Creating a comfortable work environment is key to having a productive business.  Having a place where your employees can focus and dedicate time efficiently.

Versatile Interiors has been in the furniture business for 26 years and is made up of a small but efficient design team, offering years of experience and guidance.

They believe the main focus to a productive office is space planning.  Below are some points to consider.

# Space – Space is key.  The size of your space will determine what furniture pieces and layout will best suit the area.

# Employees – In order to be productive, your staff needs an environment that has good work flow to enable them to carry out their daily tasks efficiently.

It is very important that your employees have the necessary space and storage that applies to their work.  While the needs of the staff are important, the layout of the space must also reflect the needs of senior management.

# Clients – Consider your clients.  The design of your workspace must also fit in with the type of clients that are going to come through your doors.

For example – A publishing agency may reflect an upbeat, vibrant, laid back office with breakaway zones to promote creativity whereas a law firm may require something more private and subdued to depict the type of the work they do.

# Clutter – Never Clutter the work place.  Always remember your working environment needs to be free flowing.  Clutter causes disruption, distraction the feeling of being inefficient.

# Trends – This is where the culture of your business comes into play.

Don’t make the mistake of jumping on the latest trends in office furniture.  What’s trendy today may be out tomorrow.  Furniture needs to last at least 5 years, rather choose pieces that transcends time.  You can always then jazz the furniture up with a few touches of what is trending if need be.

Furniture choices say a lot about your company’s image.

# Quality – Never skimp on the quality of the furniture that your purchase.  This is an investment in your company as well as your image.  While it may be more tempting to go with a cheaper range, one must keep in mind that office furniture endures daily abuse, so it needs to be durable.

To transform your business, contact Versatile Interiors.


Website:  www.versatileinteriors.co.za

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/versatileofficefurniture

Instagram:  @versatile_interiors_pmb

Email:  info@versatileinteriors.co.za

Contact:  0333946 901

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