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Pelican: The Evolution of Partitioning in a Modern-Day Office

Offices and the world of work are constantly changing. New ideas make way for new spaces. One such evolution is the idea of partitioning in a modern-day office. The trend today is to develop spaces where employees can be more productive, collaborative and happy at work. Let’s take a closer look at this exciting evolution in the office, with the latest inspiration from Pelican Systems.

Gone are the days of closed off, stuffy and secluded offices. More companies are now making way for collaborative spaces. A space where teams can connect, share ideas and grow together. This means that the shape and design of offices are also changing. As needs change, office layouts are quickly catching up.

So what’s changing?

Today we are seeing a reemergence of glass partitions, walls that slide away, and mobile partitions being installed with the idea to open it up to teams and employees to gather as needed. More spacious offices are needed and open plan is taking on a new meaning in collaborative spaces. Clever partitioning systems can therefore help to create these innovative spaces, which can then boost employee morale. Fewer restrictions and more space often equate to a happier workforce.

The other big change is the style of partitions. Over time we are seeing a move from white and natural annodised partitions to black and glass with some wood finishes as the current more modern commercial office partition.


Glass partition walls are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary workspaces and we can see why. In fact, glass naturally makes a space feel more open and inclusive. You can retain privacy but also keep things open and transparent as needed. With glass, you no longer feel cramped or departmentalised. Furthermore, glass partitions offer clarity and create space while allowing you to cleverly section your office accordingly. A great solution for modern office spaces.

What about open plan areas?

Alternatively, you may wish to open up your office floor entirely. This may work best with teams in open plan settings, but the need may still arise to create private zones and areas where meetings and more can happen out of the public eye. Clever partitioning should cater for all of this and more. Furthermore, your office design should take into account the many requirements of your team and the best possible spaces that promote productivity. Instant offices, and mobile partitioning is yet another innovative new trend on the rise to cater for these needs.

No matter your style, think creatively and create a better workspace for everyone. Pelican Systems aim to provide a comprehensive range of ceiling and partition systems and products designed for ceiling and partitioning specialist contractors. Discover more of their work and inspiration for your own workspace at Pelican Systems.

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