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Krost: The Best In Office Organisation

We all long to create a neat and orderly place of work, but we don’t always get it right. At Krost, you can find the best in office organisation to help you achieve your goals. Here we share a few useful tips with desk storage to make life so much easier.

An organised space to work is not only about the look of your desk, but also about how it functions. We often waste time sorting through unorganised documents and goods when we face an untidy desk. As such, organisation is a great way to save time and money too. And if you’re limited on space in your home, organization and creative storage are even more essential.

Top tip: Compartmentalise everything

The best way to keep things in order it to have a home for everything. Desk trays are great for incoming and outgoing mail and documentation. Create a streamlined process by giving everything an easily accessible home on your desk. This will save you the heartache of having to sift through endless documents when you need something specific.

Open and clear storage containers

Don’t simply box everything. Out of sight is not always out of mind. In fact, many people function better with open storage solutions and clear boxes where you can easily see what you need when you need it!

Label everything

Not sure what’s in your tray? Label it. Labels work wonders to help maintain easy storage around the office. Whether it is goods in a filing cabinet or items in a storage container, be sure to label it accordingly and simply follow your labels to find your goods instantly.

Rolling storage

Trolleys and carts on wheels are great mobile storage solutions. Whether you’re carting around crafts or stationery supplies, these can easily be moved around the office and positioned to suit you as you need it!

Sort your desk drawers

Drawers are often a dumping ground for things we can’t seem to find. Invest in good drawer storage and you’ll instantly have a neater, more organised space.

Krost is continuously innovating to bring us superior office supplies and related goods, including storage solutions for your desk. Shop their latest range online at Krost.

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