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Krost Office Products

Originally founded in 1914, Krost Office Products is a local company that designs, manufactures and distributes office equipment.

This includes desk sets, seating and accessories such as magnetic glass boards, as well as bins and planters.

The latter is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including conical tapered planters, square tapered planters, out-the-box planters and eco-fibre planters.

The company’s range of out-the-box planters offers fun box-shaped planters in black, white, silver, lime green and fire-truck red in three sizes.

While the eco-fibre planters come in four unique finishes: artificial turf, clay, sand or cement in several designs.

Not only will these novel planters add some interest to office spaces but the captivating designs may well inspire employees to get their own desk plant or even start an office composting initiative to simultaneously cut down on waste and produce fertiliser for the plants.

All you’ll need to get an office compost drive off the ground are a few composting bins, depending on the size of the office and the amount of food waste there is, and a few guidelines.

Start by finding a happy home for the composting bin and then send out a notification email to inform colleagues of the initiative.

Printed signs are also a good idea.

Remember to share where the composting bin is, what the goal is and what can or can’t be composted.

Most organic materials and food scraps, tea bags, coffee grinds and filters, paper towels and napkins can be composted.

Glass, metal and plastic material cannot and should be recycled if possible.

Not only will office composting be a fun activity staff can do together but the team can reap the rewards from having healthy indoor plants – more oxygen, a calmer environment and even improved cognitive functions.

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