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Krost: 3 Ways to Recycle & Go Green In the Office

Going green is a good idea and the office is a great place to start. Learn to implement practices in the office that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions. Here’s how…

Reduce waste

Did you know that workplaces produce millions of tonnes of waste every year?  From 500 disposable cups to 10,000 sheets of paper, the typical office worker produces quite a lot of waste. However, if we work together to reduce office waste, we can make a difference.

We need to think about the products we use daily and how to conserve our resources. This means reusing items, recycling materials, and choosing to think differently about how we go about our day.

Implement office policies

Train staff and implement new workplace policies. This should therefore encourage recycling and the purchase of sustainable materials. This will go a long way in promoting different ways of thinking to go green and implement change at work.

Set up a recycling station

Create designated recycling points in the office to make it easier and more accessible to staff. Have separate bins for different recycling materials. This subsequently makes it easy and furthermore, it ensures that rubbish streams can be recycled properly without becoming contaminated with the wrong items. Did you know… if dry recyclable materials are contaminated with food waste they’re immediately destined for landfill instead?


Krost Office Products is a South African company that designs, manufactures and distributes office supplies. This includes a quality range of recycling bins and accessories. Kit out your workplace with the necessary supplies and subsequently go green and make a difference.

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