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Kistan Office: Tips To Create A Trendy Workplace Canteen

Promote collaboration, connection and innovation in the workplace with a beautiful canteen where employees can gather. A stylish canteen is more than just a perk of a good job; it is also a place where relationships are cemented and people can connect to form happy, thriving teams!

Keep it fresh

Many individuals are cooped up in small offices and behind screens for lengthy periods of the day. A canteen should thus feel like a breath of fresh air. Keep it open, simple and light-filled to maximise the space. Add fresh greenery to give your workplace a natural boost and a welcome dose of colour. This fresh new look can certainly help to keep staff motivated and thriving.

Invest in solid furniture

Dedicated canteen furniture can not only enhance the look of your space but can add to the comfort level of employees. If there is a lack of seating, this can pose a real problem to individuals actually utilising the available space. Just like a bistro or cafe, choose quality chairs and create zones for eating and relaxation. Your employees will thank you later!

Simple and streamlined

You don’t have to go wild with decor choices here. In fact, a simple, streamlined canteen brings with it a sense of relief and calm. This is essential in busy, pressure-filled work environments where workers may be looking for a quiet place to retreat and reboot during the day. Choose seating that is simple, sophisticated and does the job well. This will tie into a cohesive look that promotes a happy and productive company.


Opt for mobility and space

A spacious canteen means endless possibilities for use and functionality. Keep the area clean and mobile with furniture solutions that can be swapped out or moved around. This will give you greater freedom to rearrange the room to serve various functions.


Not sure where to begin? Have a look at the trendy office furniture now available from Kistan Office. Here you can find what you need to create a happy, productive canteen and office space that your employees will love.

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