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Inspiration Office – To Sit Or Stand?

To sit or stand? This is the question. Height adjustable office solutions are the way of the future.

For decades, office environments have called for seated workers behind a desk. However, research has quickly proven that prolonged periods of being seated is really bad for your health. In steps innovative height-adjustable solutions and the standing office desk. Besides less sitting time, standing at work seems to have a ton of other benefits too… Better posture, more calories burned, more energy and less body fatigue, among others. In fact, research shows the ideal ratio is to spend one hour standing for every one to two hours of sitting.

If you’re looking for a change, now is the time to jump in. Migration SE is a height-adjustable solution that delivers flexibility, value and user wellbeing. Supporting a broad range of applications, it’s a simple, reliable solution that provides workers with the ability to choose between seated or standing postures throughout the day. This means you can easily sit, stand and move about for improved health during the day.

Whether working from home or the office, Migration SE is an ergonomic sit or stand solution with all the essentials!

Shop the latest office innovations at Inspiration Office. They offer a range of stylish office furniture with a modern design that you can customise to your unique office space.

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