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Ground-breaking interior solutions from Trend Group

At a time when workplace design is undergoing rapid transformation, Trend Group is setting the pace with ground-breaking interior solutions for a dynamic workforce.

As office spaces become more adaptable and technology-driven, Trend leverages AI and 3D modelling to exceed client expectations. Candice Buker and MJ Selopyane, two of Trend Group’s leading designers, shared insights on the latest shifts in office interiors.

Embracing Flexibility and Modular Design.

Post-COVID, there is a significant shift towards flexible, comfortable work environments resembling home settings. Candice notes, “We are witnessing a trend towards highly flexible office designs with modular furniture and moveable walls, allowing spaces to be easily reconfigured.” European trends show a move away from drywall to acoustic partitioning and modular meeting pods. These plug-and-play hubs offer customized solutions with minimal disruption and budget benefits for commercial occupiers opting for shorter leases.


Integrating Biophilic and Sustainable Design.

Candice emphasizes biophilic design principles, incorporating natural elements to promote well-being and productivity. “Using green walls, natural lighting, and sustainable materials, we create functional environments with wellness benefits,” she explains. These efforts align with sustainability goals, utilizing eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems for environmental and cost efficiency.

Harnessing the Psychology of Colour.

Trend Group explores the return of colour in office environments for its impact on mood and productivity. “There’s a growing desire to reintegrate colour into workplaces,” Candice says. This shift helps create energizing, calming, or focused environments. Advances in manufacturing allow for customized office furniture with unique colour choices, even in small quantities.


Technology as a Driver of Innovation.

Technology transforms office spaces with smart sensors, energy management systems, and automated solutions. AI revolutionizes the design process, enhancing productivity and creativity. “AI accelerates decision-making and optimizes our workflow,” MJ explains. AR and 3D modelling provide immersive previews of proposed spaces, enhancing client engagement and decision-making.


Trend Group leads by integrating technology like AI and AR into interior design, creating adaptive, imaginative, and sustainable office environments. Their commitment to innovation meets current client needs and anticipates future trends, inspiring businesses to return to their workplaces.


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