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Discover CDS Plastics’ range of sustainable office solutions.

Crafting innovative office furniture solutions since 1995, CDS Plastics has become a leader In the field over the decades, transforming office spaces with cutting-edge designs and innovative products.

At the core of CDS Plastics’ offerings is its unique and diversified product range. The company’s portfolio includes Rize height adjustable workstations, Agilis monitor arms, AcoustiX panels, drawer systems, cable management solutions, levellers and leg fittings.

One of their standout achievements is being the foremost supplier of PET panels in South Africa under the AcoustiX brand. Their proprietary CNC cutting and design interpretation of PET material is unparalleled in the country. These panels, made from recycled polyester fibre, are eco-friendly and have a minimum life expectancy of ten years, making them both sustainable and high-performing.

CDS Plastics is committed to continually innovating, focusing on ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective solutions, making them a top choice not only locally but also internationally. Their products are sought-after across the globe, including the Netherlands, Denmark, the USA and the United Kingdom.

Besides being a leader in the field of office furniture components, CDS Plastics is equally dedicated to environmental sustainability. They manufacture with zero factory waste and make diligent efforts to incorporate recycled materials into their products without compromising quality.

CDS Plastics’ product range is a testament to its unwavering commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality, not only locally but on an international scale. Their emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and excellence has earned them a prominent position in the office furniture industry.

From cable management solutions to the AcoustiX panels made from recycled PET fibre, CDS Plastics offers a wide array of products designed to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of modern office spaces. These versatile solutions enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of workplaces, proving that CDS Plastics is a company dedicated to shaping the future of office furniture.




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