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Design Colab: iconic brands

An internationally recognised name, Design Colab has successfully joined forces with some of the world’s most iconic brands, delivering projects that speak not only of their creativity but passion, too. Leading suppliers of office and hospitality furniture, the company has helped create many beautiful spaces – for work and play.

“At Design Colab, we take immense pride in our role in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments,” states the company.

“Our recent collaborations with 2U, Thungela and Payfast are a testament to our commitment to delivering bespoke office furniture procurement solutions that perfectly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.”

Here, they share more on each project.

2U: A Fusion of Modern Elegance and Productivity

“Our work with 2U, a leader in education technology, aimed to create a workspace that promotes creativity and collaboration. We provided a range of contemporary furniture that seamlessly integrates with the modern design of their offices. Ergonomic desks and chairs enhance comfort and productivity, reflecting our dedication to crafting spaces that support the well-being and efficiency of 2U’s dynamic workforce.”

Thungela: Embodying Corporate Identity through Design

“For Thungela, a key player in the mining sector, the challenge was to create an office space that mirrored their robust corporate identity while offering a welcoming atmosphere. Our team delivered bespoke furniture that combines durability with style, crafting boardroom tables and lounge areas that meet Thungela’s needs. The result is a professional and cohesive environment that has garnered praise from both staff and visitors, showcasing our ability to align design with corporate values.”

Payfast: Dynamic and Innovative Workspaces

“In our project with Payfast, a leading online payment processing company, we were tasked with designing a workspace that matched their innovative spirit. Our versatile, modular furniture allows for easy reconfiguration, catering to the company’s need for flexibility. We created an energetic and inspiring environment by incorporating vibrant colours and sleek finishes. Payfast’s team has expressed their satisfaction, highlighting the boost in employee morale and productivity, underscoring our success in creating functional and dynamic workspaces.”


Each of these projects is a testament to Design Colab’s passion for inspired workplaces and their ability to work closely with clients to bring their unique visions to life. These projects with 2U, Thungela, and Payfast exemplify their commitment to quality and client satisfaction, reflecting their ability to transform spaces into success stories.

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