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Chi Components: Take A Break & Chillax In Your Workspace

Work stress is a real thing. In fact, stress can seriously drain you and can negatively affect your health. It’s important to achieve a good work-life balance to stay on top of your game. This starts with getting the basics right in your workspace. Create a pleasing environment with the right office furniture and accessories to stay positive, productive, and stress-free.

Chi Components brings us a range of innovative office products and accessories to help you achieve optimal success in the workplace. Choose from mobile desks to height-adjustable furniture, decor, and more.

Height Adjustable Desks

If we are all different shapes, sizes, and heights, then surely our desks and office spaces should accommodate our unique needs! Make your workspace as comfortable and accommodating as possible with a height-adjustable desk. Find the perfect height that does not place any additional strain on your body. You’re sure to be more productive and stress-free when working.

Modish by Chi Components is all about custom innovation. Modish offers an electronic height adjustment with soft-touch adjustment buttons for easy mobility. This desk, therefore, presents multiple height settings so you can find the one that works best for you!

Float is another prime example of what can be achieved with an electric height adjustable desk. It boasta an adjustable beam width with four memory settings as well as adjustable levelling glides. So whether you’re brainstorming, typing on a computer or writing, you can adjust this beauty to suit your needs.


Don’t neglect the power of customisable office furniture. Learn to listen to your body, chillax and have a more productive time in the office.

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