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Barker Street Furniture: Framery

With a slogan that reads “Serious about happiness”, you know that Framery is more than just a little preoccupied with their clients’ wellbeing.

Born out of a very real need – the founders simply could not concentrate in the open-plan office they had to share with a hundred other employees – Framery aims to solve real-world noise and privacy issues in open-plan offices.

That was back in 2010. Today, Framery is not only known as the pioneer of soundproof private spaces for the office but also the leading manufacturer of such products in the world. In fact, Framery booths can be found in 40% of all Forbes 100 companies.

Why you ask? Well, it’s all in the science. Having a private, quiet space to work exponentially ups employee happiness and happy employees not only take less sick leave but are also 12% more productive and make 37% more sales.

“Noise in open offices is a major obstacle to workplace happiness, constant disruptions from phone calls, ad hoc meetings and discussions,” explains Framery.

“It’s hard to recover your concentration when it’s broken, it takes time to refocus, you become less productive, less creative and your potential is not fulfilled. You become less happy as a result.

“When you remove the noise problem, people quickly become happier. Happy people are more efficient, more creative and produce better work. Happiness then obviously and quickly became our purpose going forward, not only concerning our products but for everything we do.”

Framery currently offers four booth designs: the Framery O and Framery One for single occupancy and the Framery 2Q and Framery Q that can be used for meetings between up to six people.

These multifunctional pods can be used by employees needing a quiet spot to do writing, reports and more or for teams to have meetings, brainstorming sessions and important one-on-one conversations.

Framery is locally available at Barker Street, a supplier of high-quality, corporate, hospitality and retail furniture to the South African market.

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