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All Office: Framery Launch for Africa

The official Framery Launch for Africa was a three-day event that was attended by over 140 people at the head office of All Office in Cape Town, South Africa. The event was a resounding success, with the Sales Director of Framery in attendance, along with Her Excellency, the Ambassador of Finland. Prizes were given away during the event, and attendees were treated to a fusion of South African and Finnish food prepared by Executive Chefs.

Framery is a leading provider of innovative acoustic booths and pods that provide a private and soundproof environment for work or meetings. Their products are designed to create a space where people can concentrate, collaborate and communicate without distractions. The Framery Launch event was an opportunity for All Office to showcase the products to its customers and partners, as well as to demonstrate the value that the Framery solutions could bring to their businesses.

Attendees were able to experience the Framery booths first-hand and see the different models available, including the Framery O, Framery Q, and Framery 2Q. The Sales Director of Framery gave a presentation on the products, highlighting the features and benefits of each model, and answering questions from the audience.

One of the highlights of the event was the presence of Her Excellency, the Ambassador of Finland, who spoke about the strong trade and cultural ties between South Africa and Finland. The ambassador also expressed her admiration for the innovative and design-driven products from Framery and highlighted the importance of fostering collaboration between South African and Finnish companies.

In conclusion, the Framery Launch event was a huge success, providing an opportunity for All Office as the sole distributor on the continent, to showcase the innovative solutions from Framery to its customers and partners. The event was well-attended, with the presence of the Sales Director of Framery and Her Excellency, the Ambassador of Finland adding to the significance of the occasion. The event demonstrated the growing importance of acoustic solutions in modern workspaces, and the benefits that the Framery products can bring to businesses seeking to create a private and soundproof environment for work or meetings.

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