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5 office Desk hacks for improved productivity:

Just making a few small changes to your desk space can maximize your performance and productivity.


Lift your screen.

Our Monitor Riser raises the screen on your desk. If your screen is raised to eye level it prevents slouching over and causes you to sit more upright, making use of your chair backrest, to sit more ergonomically and place less pressure on your spine.

Keep an uncluttered desk. We have various desk accessories and storage options available, making your workspace more efficient and effective.

Add a plant.

Having plants in your workspace has been shown to improve air quality, increase attention span, improve creativity, lower stress and stabilise mood.

Choose the right chair. A good ergonomic chair can drastically improve

your posture, reduce back pain and ultimately improve productivity.

Choose the right desk. Your desk should support all of your needs, from wellness to work. Our height-adjustable desk providesoptimalflexibility and individual adjustment for activity-basedwork, at home or the office.

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