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Leroy Merlin: Create Your Own Home Office

Create your own home office with essentials from Leroy Merlin. Choose from a variety of desks, seating, decor and stylish storage and plan your own incredible work-from-home environment.

Over the past two years, more people than ever before were suddenly forced to isolate themselves and work from home. The one benefit of this situation is that we’ve seen some truly amazing and inspired work-from-home offices. A little creativity and some TLC means a beautiful home office where you can thrive.

Make the most of your space

Many of us were not necessarily prepared for the adjustment of working from home. Our homes may not have been kitted out and we may not even have a demarcated space for work. However, even a small nook or room can easily be converted into a stylish home office. All you really need is a dedicated space where you can get productive.

Some ingenious ideas have included creating a tiny office space in an unconventional area in the home, like under a staircase, in a closet, or behind a privacy screen in a family room. Whatever your choice, be sure to find the ideal spot where you can work in private without any other home distractions.

Good seating is essential

If you’ll be spending countless hours at your laptop, then you can’t go wrong with quality seating. Invest in a chair with great lumbar support and an ergonomic design. This will keep you comfy and offer your body the support it needs to stay productive for longer periods of time.

Invest in storage

Don’t let clutter and a lack of space detract you from creating a serene space. Choose quality storage solutions – from desk and drawer storage to shelving units and cabinets that can make your work from home life that much easier. Good storage can also help your work flow and organisation at home. So don’t overlook this as a key factor in the design of your room.

A functional desk

We can only work at the kitchen counter or dining table for so long! At some point, you want to commit to a quality desk dedicated to your office space. Start by measuring the space you have available and choose a desk that suits your needs. Whether a multi-functional desk solution with added storage, or a simple, minimalist design – consider what you need most and how this will fit into your office.

Accents and decor

Simple decor accents can bring your personality into the space in a big way. Add greenery, artwork and soft furnishings like a rug to soften the space. This will enhance the environment and give your home office a fresh, unique ambience.

Create your dream home office with essentials from Leroy Merlin.


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