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Krost Office Products: 8 Must-Haves For Your Office Storage

A new year means new opportunities to get organised and create a functional office space you can get productive. Here are our top office essentials to help you stay organised in 2023.

File Storage

Whether you invest in a large filing cabinet or a filing tray for your desk, this simple storage solution can be a life-saver when you’re office-bound. Need a document urgently – well it should be safely stowed away in a neat file storage solution or easy access.

Desk Set

Declutter your workstation and invest in table-top desk storage for things like miscellaneous items. Think pens, sticky notes, cords and more.

Cord and Cable Storage

Computer cables and device cords can create a disjointed and cluttered feel in your office. A simple solution is to use cable organisation to keep everything neat and in order.

Wall organisation

Letters, invoices and loose paper quickly pile up in the office. Put it in a desk drawer and it gets lost, but leave it out and it clutters up your desktop. The solution? Opt for a mounted letter and paper organiser. Something that can be installed against a wall such as a wire wall organiser. This is therefore a safe and convenient spot to place those important documents you may need to pull out daily.

Office bin

Need a place to toss rubbish, used papers, pencil sharpening and other non-essentials? An office bin is a must-have for a clean and orderly space. Furthermore, these also come in various sizes so be sure to shop around and choose an option that fits your space and also your needs.

Open shelving

Keep things neat and stylish with open shelving for a streamlined look. Easy to build and endlessly customizable, open shelving is thus a simple, low-tech way to keep your books and other office supplies handy yet off your actual desk.

Drawer organisers

Nobody likes a messy drawer. A simple solution is to use a drawer organiser which incorporates small compartments that you can use to store smaller items. These often come in assorted sizes to fit a range of drawer sizes and depths.

A mobile hot box

This nifty essential makes storage easy and mobile. The Hot Box from Krost Office Supplies is ideal for personal storage and contains internal dividers and a hanging system for all your important documents. What’s more, is that it is easy to move around as you need it and is very practical.

Create a streamlined office with Krost Office Products.

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