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Ixaxa Office Furniture Presents Juvel and Muze

Ixaxa brings us a captivating range of chairs with interesting shapes and lines that offer contemporary appeal in any setting. Today we’re taking a closer look at two of these offerings – Juvel and Muze.


Juvel is a minimalist chair which captivates with its prismatic shape. Seat and back surfaces are gently contoured in the centre to provide comfort without detracting from the angular design aesthetic. It is lightweight, durable and stackable. A matt surface lends a pleasant texture to the angular surfaces. Perfect for showrooms, dining room – everywhere that you would like to quickly and easily offer guests a sturdy chair. Washable.

Juvel is Swedish for jewel or gem.The inspiration behind Juvel came when the designer was attracted to paper art. Juvel combines not only shades that evoke facets of a cut jewel but also hints at the influence of Japanese folding handicraft, Origami (WM).Having started with paper models and prototypes, the team has now turned it into a one-piece functional chair using injection moulding to cover many applications.


Muze is a stackable chair which can be stacked high without losing stability, helping to save space when not in use. Muze’s angular shape and lines epitomize contemporary design, making it an attractive addition for everyday use. Its light weight (3.5kg) enables Muze to be rapidly moved, set up and stored anywhere at a moment notice.

By design, Muze is highly durable and sturdy, inspiring confidence even for larger-sized users on a variety of floor surfaces.

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