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Inspiration Office Introduces Viccarbe

Viccarbe offers an award-winning portfolio distinguished by great simplicity, innovative elegance and global awareness.

Viccarbe is located in Valencia, a marvellous Mediterranean city where they enjoy more than 300 days of sun a year. This light has a great influence on their feeling for colours, warmth of materials and attention to detail. Their aim is to inspire Mediterranean experiences in unique collaborative spaces, through the creation of multi-faceted, warm and timeless pieces, perfect for integrating well into many different spaces.


Patricia Urquiola Spanish designer’s studio in Milan, Italy. The team needed a new and practical collaborative space, and Burin together with Maarten Plastic chairs

Environmental sustainability

Viccarbe believes that sustainability is designing and producing furniture that will stay with us for the longest time possible. Furniture we won’t want to throw out. Consequently, the concept of environmental sustainability becomes important for Viccarbe from the furniture’s conception, right through its design until the end of its useful life cycle.

Their collection is not extensive because Viccarbe is only interested in producing something that is genuinely worthy of becoming a contemporary classic.

Viccarbe’s environmental management system was ISO 14001 certified in 2007. This certification allows the company to demonstrate appropriate environmental performance and an adequate control of the impact of activities, services and products on the environment.

Produce sensibly and consume no more than necessary. Quality ahead of quantity.


Penta is a refined armchair with inherent character and balanced proportions. Featuring superior comfort, it works as a table chair for the home and restaurants or as a guest chair in hotels, offices and workspaces. Designed  by Toan Nguyen @toan_nguyen_studio

Viccarbe has worked with a wide selection of companies, transmitting their Mediterranean culture in their facilities and promoting collaborative teams. Inspiration Office are the suppliers for Viccarbe in the Southern African region.

More about Inspiration Office

Inspiration Office was founded in 2005 to provide the South African market with bespoke workstation solutions. With offices in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, their furniture ranges offer award-winning international brands.

Inspiration Office believes that behind every successful business is a team of inspired people. Through a range of elegant and functional furniture, they help offices become a place where employees are comfortable and focused on producing the best work they can.

For more visit Inspiration Office.

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