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Inspiration Office: Flex Active Frames by Steelcase

Steelcase Flex Active Frames are adaptable structures that define space by creating productive, flexible and inspiring homes for teams.

Active Frames gridded and modular structure allows for short or long term reconfiguration and provides the adaptability needed in a resilient and evolving workplace. As team and workplace needs change, so can Active Frames. Add doors and locks to subsequently create personal lockers, or increase the height and width for more privacy. Active Frames can thus support a wide range of needs in the open office.

Time to Flex

The growing Steelcase Flex Collection subsequently upports the hybrid workplace. The collection offers solutions for teams and individuals giving them control, comfort, tools to be productive, and a sense of belonging. It therefore creates a range of adaptable and high-performing spaces.

Built for Teams. Enhanced for Individuals.

The best workplaces not only support collaborative work, but also the growing need for focus time. Think focus zones for heads-down work, open collaboration spaces and team neighbourhoods that allow for shifting between work modes. The options are endless with the Flex Collection. In fact, the collection is an ideal solution for teams and individuals – and all the kinds of work they do.

Furthermore, a vast product collection provides people with flexibility. This means you can adapt your workspace to meet your rapidly changing work activities.

The addition of Personal Spaces to the collection greatly enhances the workspace experience. This gives people more comfort, control and flexibility within their space to achieve the level of privacy they desire.

Furthermore, Steelcase is all about creating products that are good for people, and good for the world. Products and operations are therefore designed around a commitment to reducing climate change. This is a big deal! A Sustainable Design framework thus ensures products are designed with consideration – taking into account life cycle thinking and cradle-to-cradle principles.

Find the latest from Steelcase now available at Inspiration Office.

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