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Industry Talk: Let’s Chat To Giant Leap’s Linda Trim

Giant Leap is in the business of designing and building office interiors that inspire efficient and innovative work. Today we hear from Linda Trim, the director of Giant Leap, about the essentials and latest trends in designing functional office spaces.

Tell us about your background and how you first started working at Giant Leap.

I studied Pscyhology and when I completed my degrees I moved to America to join my family who lived there. Uncertain as to what I wanted to do, I returned to South Africa a year later. I moved into recruitment but was quite awful at it. Kismet struck and I was introduced to Giant Leap as it was starting out.

Tell us about the company’s history and mandate.

Giant Leap began 18 years ago. I was fortunate to join 17 years ago. We have always wanted to welcome people to a better place focussing on corporate interiors.

What personally inspires you in your working life?

I love to see people succeed.  Furthermore, we are fortunate enough to interact with people from different companies and leaders daily and give them the greatest ways of working.

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What are some considerations when choosing furniture for an office interior?

Furniture must be ergonomic and properly designed. Often we hear that people buying office furniture for the first time have no idea what to look for. Always make sure it is ergonomic and not just imported parts from the east assembled here.

Planning an office scheme can sometimes be a nightmare. Can you tell us some of the common struggles and how to overcome them?

Partner with the right partner. Offices need to get their function right before you get creative.

What is your essential checklist for a completed job?

Follow the correct process. Get the correct brief from clients and ask lots of questions.

What is your favourite current collection you enjoy working with?


Giant Leap Mary Oppenheimer

Any exciting projects or collaborations you are involved in?

We are busy completing Anglo Gold Ashanti and its great to be planning new Hybrid offices for people

You have a vast portfolio of projects – which one are you most proud of?

Each one holds a special place. Barlow was great as we won the International Design Award. This year we have entered Modo.

Any new trending office furniture to look forward to this year?

Hybrid is the name everywhere this year which lends itself to great collaborative furniture

Which piece of furniture cannot be overlooked in an office?

Chairs are always great to experience. Like a good mattress everyone needs a good chair

The perfect place in your home to indulge?

My lounge.

I know very few of us are travelling right now but if you could where would you go?

I am off to Greece, Switzerland and the Algarve soon, I hope.

What are your current favourite restaurants/shops?

Mastro in Craighall. Tortellini, Marble – so many to list

What’s your personal motto?

Perseverance pays off.

A place you visited to unwind in Africa?

Londolozi – heaven on earth.

Are there any awards the company has won?

Giant Leap won the International Design award last year.

For more visit Giant Leap.

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