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FormFunc: Humanscale – A Nutritional Label For Products

What if your furniture had an ingredient label? Well, Humanscale products do just that.

With more Health Product Declarations (HPD) and Declare ingredient labels than any other company in the US, Humanscale is a driving force in the march for transparency. They firmly believe that through understanding and being transparent about what’s in product materials is the first step to driving change. Humanscale is taking a proactive role in identifying all of the ingredients in their products.

Without transparency, companies can hide behind sustainability slogans and marketing rhetoric without affecting real change. While most companies refuse to provide material transparency of their products – whether due to cost or supplier’s privacy interests – Humanscale prioritises customer’s health over these excuses. Humanscale continues to hold manufacturers accountable and demand more stringent requirements for material transparency until it is the industry norm.

What are Declare labels?

Declare labels provide a clear and informative method to disclose ingredients and to ensure that manufacturers are transparent with their customers. By focusing on product ingredients, Declare labels aim to ‘level the playing field’ and create a platform for constructive conversations about the ecological and human health impacts.

Humanscale is committed to informing and educating their customers about the contents of their products, so customers can make the best decisions possible.

You can find in-depth information on all of Humanscale’s Health Product Declarations here.

Visit FormFunc – the exclusive distributor of the global ergonomics brand Humanscale within Southern Africa.


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