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Cecil Nurse: The Invention of Casual Seating

It is the invention of casual seating with WAGNER, exclusively brought to you by CECIL NURSE.

A chair that moves the world: That was the vision Wagner’s creative minds had when they started planning the D1 office chair. It had to comply with the highest design requirements and be equipped with revolutionary new Dondola technology, encouraging us to sit healthily and dynamically.

A chair collection was created that focuses on the high demand of modern work environments. The D1 office chair and the D1 low chair unite an aesthetic design, innovative materials and dynamic sitting characteristics. The chairs follow a completely new ergonomic concept. Instead of only adapting to the body and supporting it, they encourage the user to make minimal back movements with every activity, therefore strengthening it without even noticing anything – when focusing on work, leaning back and relaxing or having a lively discussion with a colleague.

In its four-dimensional mobility, the D1 is as flexible as its users. It’s no surprise then that, even today, it is deemed to be a new chair icon that perfectly unites aesthetic design, innovation and dynamism – while at the same time being as cool and comfortable as a modern sports shoe.

When asking the designer what sets the D1 apart compared to other ergonomic office chairs, the reply was: “We believe that our product is very different because we have technically simplified it. The chair no longer has the classic office characteristics. Depending on the upholstery – mesh or leather – it can also be used in the home. We never considered an ergonomic design for the swivel chair because the perfect support of the muscles actually leads to weakening and, therefore, tension.”

The D1 essentially ushers in the end of the customised “chair corset”. It’s not just about a comfortable chair any longer, but one that is able to support you and allows movement to relieve pressure on the spine. So, let’s do away with headrests and armrests! Many ergonomic office chair models seem comfortable because the body is fully supported. In the long term, however, you’ll get tired because there is no space for movement.

With the D1, Wagner has created a new era of chair design, by removing everything that is unnecessary for its optimum functionality. The chair design is based on minimalism and reaches a pre-defined performance at the lowest cost. It is based on a desire to create a fascinating product, mainly using the power of ideas, rather than material input and subscribes to the promise of achieving a result with relatively few resources.

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