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Best Home Office Chairs From Cecil Nurse

More and more people are working from home – and many of those people may be working from home for the first time due to the current health crisis the world is facing. If that’s you, you probably don’t have a very comprehensive work-from-home setup – and if not, one of the first things you should buy is a decent office chair.

There are a few reasons why you should get a good office chair. Not only are office chairs more comfortable than other chairs you might be using in your home, but they’re also much easier on your back. Ensuring that you minimise the risk of back problems later in life.

Good office chairs will also offer armrests and adjustments to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible while you’re working.

Interested in getting a new chair for your home office? We’ve rounded up the best home office chairs for you to consider:

This is Cecil Nurse’s top of the range office chair. The Ergomedic offers an ergonomic design that should ensure you’ll remain comfortable throughout the day. On top of that, the chair offers a height adjustable back rest with breathable mesh and four elastic traverse bands, a comfortable ergonomically shaped moulded foam seat with integrated seat depth and seat tilt.


Want a high-quality chair but don’t want to spend the extra cash on Cecil Nurse’s Ergomedic? The Ergohuman may not be quite as high-tech, but it still boasts a classic design and an ultra-comfortable feel. The chair comes with a synchro-tilt mechanism, automatic lumbar support, 3D armrests, adjustable in height with pivot and sliding function.


There are plenty of benefits to mesh back chairs, like the fact that they’re much cooler because of the extra ventilation. This chair offers several adjustments too, like a fully automatic weight balance tension mechanism.


If you want a decent office chair on a budget, then this chair from Cecil Nurse is a great option. The chair is built from comfortable materials and is available with simple or knee tilt mechanism, height adjustable arms with a soft PU top.


Gaming chairs are often built for ergonomics, and this chair is no exception to that rule. The chair is aimed at offering a comfortable experience, even over long durations of time. It has an aluminium base to ensure that it’s nice and strong. The chair can get a little pricey, but it’s not over-the-top expensive and is perfect for those who expect to sit in their chair all day.


This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Cecil Nurse’s chair offering. You can visit www.cecilnurse.co.za to view much more and you can purchase a suitable chair for your needs via their online shop.

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