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Atmosphere Furniture: How To Pick The Right Desk For Your Office

Whether you’re working from home, or back at the office, the right desk can help you be more productive and get the job done. If it’s time to replace your desk, here are some top considerations to help you pick the right one for you, with some of our favourite choices from Atmosphere Furniture.

Where will your desk be placed?

Position is everything when it comes to choosing a desk for your office. This is often easier in a corporate environment that has been designed to maximise workflow and floor space. However, if you’re working from home, it is key to plan your space accordingly. Your placement of a new desk will matter. So, be sure to find the ideal space near to power points and adequate lighting. You also want your desk area in a quiet, well-lit space where you can work in peace and comfort. An area near a window is often a safe choice.

Style versus Function

The right desk is a perfect blend of both style and functionality. You want your desk to be ergonomically designed. It should be set at a comfortable height so that you are able to work optimally, but you also want a desk that offers a stylish look to add to your space. Atmosphere Furniture has a range of striking desks on offer – blending both style and function into one versatile piece of office furniture. Some of our favourites include the Horizon Desk – its natural bleached frame adds character but with added desk drawers, this piece provides both workable space and functional storage.

Another great option from Atmosphere Furniture is the Voyages Desk. We love the smokey brown finish which lends the piece a beautiful Scandi tone. However, more than just a statement of style, this desk also offers various compartments for added storage – above and below the table top.

Size it Up

The wrong size desk can become an irritation. If you’re working in a large office and have a lot of floor space to work with, then a bigger desk is a great choice. However, when working from home, we often do not have the luxury of big, extravagant home office spaces. Smaller desks will need to be considered here. However, the good news is that there are ample stylish and functional smaller desks available today. Compact desks offer versatility and will improve flow in your home office. So, be sure to measure your space and choose a desk that will fit in well.

Consider Storage

Many modern desks come with built-in storage capacity. We love the fact that, in one contemporary piece, you can safely work and store everything you need to get the job done. Atmosphere Furniture’s Maine Desk is one such example where beautifully designed storage drawers have been cleverly incorporated to suit your needs. Here a more traditional wooden frame includes three stylish drawers with bold metallic hints for added flair. The rich brown walnut tone of this desk will also, no doubt, add depth to your office. If in doubt, choose a desk with drawers if you want to keep things organized and decluttered in the office.

Are you ready to redesign your office space? Choose from Atmosphere Furniture’s versatile desking solutions and bring both function and style to your workspace.

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