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AngelShack: The Perfect WFH Chair

AngelShack is ready-to-deliver the perfect Work From Home chairs to help you take control of your work environment at home.

With a variety of stylish seating solutions to choose from, here are some of our favourites for the ideal WFH space…


This chair will make you happy. It will make your back (and your wallet) feel great. Designed around your spine. With its wide range of available colours, the POP chair complements and adds to the look & feel of every office.


We understand that business must continue which is why this chair is readily available and made for reliability. This is made possible through a quick assembly and delivery production line – right here, in South Africa.


This smart task-oriented performer pushes the design envelope. ARC is a high-design, high-performance task chair that ensures complete comfort, hour after hour.


CHARLY is perfect for multi-modal learning. It has a customisable, swing-over work surface (for laptops) and built-in storage under the seat keeps personal gear in. Is it a chair? A desk? A locker?


FIN is the multipurpose chair that fits right into every environment. Available as fully or partly upholstered, raw, four-legged, integral sleigh base, conference chair base and even bar stool!


YUTU is an intelligently designed collaborative chair that encourages movement, supports multiple postures and provides comfort for long as well as short periods of time.


Ally is a versatile operator tasking chair that’s designed to blend into every office aesthetic. Perfect for people who appreciate performance with subtlety.


The first executive and meeting chair to originate from South Africa.


COMBO’S got you covered for conference rooms, lounge areas or sitting at a colleague’s desk. COMBO combines modern design with straight-up functionality.


Filo is the office chair that wears its credentials on the outside. Adjust the seat height, angle, depth, backrest tension and more and sink into the memory foam padding.


People don’t just sit in meetings. They’re up, down, leaning in, leaning out, swinging round. And not just in meetings, but lounge areas and for quick chats with colleagues as well.

Discover these and other amazing office furniture finds now available from AngelShack.

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