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Jan 2, 2017

Cookies gifting ideas

If you’re returning to the office this week or meeting up with colleagues to discuss upcoming projects for the new year, and you love baking cookies, then perhaps think about the gesture of gift giving your baked goods away in a beautiful presentation. There are a variety of gift-worthy presentations to help part with all those cookies, here are some ideas:


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In a Box

This is one of the easiest ways to wrap your baked goods and is especially good for sturdy cookies. Have small slider boxes on hand during the baked gift season. Line them with parchment paper, stack cookies inside, slide on the top, and wrap a few lengths of twine around the entire box.

In a Jar

Another option for sturdy cookies like the chocolate chip sort and others? Tall, narrow jars. Wash and dry the jar, stack, and seal. A simple piece of ribbon brings it all together. Use any tall, narrow jar.

In a Paper Bag

Larger cookies deserve their own bag, and food-safe brown paper bags can be picked up anywhere. You may opt for one with a fancy design, but I think the plain craft sort always makes everything look perfect.

In Newspaper

Forget the fancy gift-wrap: Pretty news wrap from a colorful section of a printed paper is just as nice (not to mention affordable and eco-friendly). Wrap your cookies first in parchment or wax paper, and, for a splash of color, use Washi tape instead of regular cellotape.

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