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Jun 17, 2018

Chad-O-Chef: Breakfast with Braai Boy

Time to whip up a scrumptious breakfast to tantalize the taste buds. This decadent Breakfast Sushi from Braai Boy is a real winner! Simple, delicious and the perfect treat in time for Father’s Day!

Chad-O-Chef manufactures a range of stainless steel built-in braai units of the highest quality. In conjunction with Braai Boy they are bringing us fresh new recipe ideas to try for ourselves!

This recipe combines all of our favourite breakfast ingredients with eggs, bacon and cheesy goodness! All rolled up and cooked on the grill and served Sushi style! Keep the below video on hand for easy access with a step by step guide to help you get it right every time!

What you’ll learn?

You’ll start by making a bacon weave. Not sure what that means? The video gives you a step by step breakdown and you’ll soon be creating bacon weaves like a pro!

Learn to cook your eggs on the fire. Add your fried onions, peppers and eggs. Pop in some garlic, seasoning and cook. Add to your bacon weave and roll all this yummy goodness up for cooking on the grill.

So easy and delicious – why not try making this for dad this Father’s Day!

Contact: Chad Of Chef

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