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Jan 19, 2019

Tjing Tjing House – A Celebration of Japanese Cuisine

After extensive renovation and redecoration, Tjing Tjing House is open, providing four distinctly different venues and experiences it the heart of the city in Longmarket Street, Cape Town. From brunch to late night cocktails, they offer exciting interpretations of Japanese food and culture.

Tjing Tjing Momiji:

The newly opened Tjing Tjing Momiji’s kaiseki menu reflects a respect for the patron, the ingredient and the season. It showcases the best local produce used in a simple, balanced and beautiful way.

This is a calm and simple space designed for savouring an interpretation of Kaiseki, Japan’s precursor to the modern degustation menu. This multi-course experience of meticulously prepared dishes is inspired by the principles of simplicity, balance, harmony, locality and seasonality. Available with a drinks pairing.

Tjing Tjing Torii:

On the ground floor, Torii offers casual Japanese food from yokocho (street food alleys) and depachika (department store food halls) in a space inspired by the multiple layers of old and modern Tokyo.

Brunch ranges from traditional Japanese breakfast, to some of the current favourites enjoyed by locals in Tokyo. Bento boxes, bowls and sandwiches make up the lunch menu, while the evening menu offers amongst others yakitori and gyoza along with more substantial ramen or rice bowls. Torii bar provides sake, local and Japanese beer, and their own Tjing Tjing red and white wines.

Momiji Lounge:

Dark, moody and sophisticated Momiji Lounge welcomes you to the second floor of Tjing Tjing House. This seated only space, with its sunken booths and long, low couch is available for drinks from 5pm to late. Japanese folklore inspired cocktails can be paired with canapés and bar snacks. An impressive array of Japanese Whiskies and a unique wine list complete the experience.

Tjing Tjing Rooftop:

A 200 year old attic and rooftop bar offering a wide selection of drinks & bespoke cocktails, a playlist of current indie and electronica favourites and otsumami in a casual setting. Trust us, you will want to try the okonomiyaki fries.

For more visit Tjing Tjing House.

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