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Flooring Sep 15, 2021

Zimbo’s Trading Partners With Wakol Germany

When it comes to superior flooring products, Zimbo’s Trading remains on the cutting edge of innovation, partnering with renowned brands to bring the best to the local market. They are proud to have been appointed as the national partner for Wakol, Germany, and today we share some insight into what’s on offer with expert input regarding wood floor installations.



Introducing Wakol

Since Wakol products have first been introduced to South Africa in February 2009, sales have been brisk. The products have been well received in the marketplace by installers and customers alike. This is largely due to the quality and advanced technology of the products. Increased awareness of environmentally friendly products also plays increasing importance in the decisions made by customers as to the moisture barrier, leveling compounds, and adhesives used in the installation of flooring in homes, and all of the Wakol products fall into this category.

Flooring FAQ’s:

So, when it comes to your next flooring installation, here are a few top considerations to make…

Why should I glue down my wooden floor rather than floating it?

· Higher quality installation, with solid feel. No movement under foot.

· No “hollow sound” like floating installation, which is noisy particularly with a heel

· It is possible to repair a damaged board in the middle of the installed area.

· Best result after sanding after some years. Floating floors move which affects the result after sanding the floor.

· You can install big areas without “joints” between different rooms or big areas.

· You do not have to have edge trims around the perimeter of the floor.

What’s the difference between polyurethane adhesives (old school adhesives) and MS polymers such as Wakol products?

· Newest technology, firm elastic which restricts the floors movement. Less cupping, and general movement of the floor.

· Environmental friendly, low VOC.

· Easy application

· Easy removability from pre-finished parquet surface if glue is spilt on the floor. Does not mark the floor like a polyurethane.

What about a two-component epoxy primer versus modern one component polyurethane (PU 280)?

· No mixing, as is one component.

· No wastage, as you do not have to mix a hardener.

· Environmental friendly

· Less consumption

· Easy application, cures in hours, allowing same day installation of wooden floor.

· Fast curing.

· Strengthen up weak concrete subfloors because it penetrates the subfloor, it is not creating a skin on top like many epoxies.

· Blocks moisture to a higher level than Epoxy

What about full surface bonding glue down versus cordon system with glue sausages (stripes of glue)?

· Higher security when the wooden floor starts moving due to different climatic conditions (relative humidity, temperature).

· No “hollow sound”, which you get with the sausages as there are hollow spots between the stripes of glue.

· You can install big areas without “joints” between different rooms or big areas.

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