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Flooring Feb 10, 2023

Tru-Wood Core Values

Using a deep synchronised surface texture for a truly authentic look Tru-Wood is a beautiful, multi-functional, interlocking floor.

Canadian Oak

Canadian Oak


French Oak

French Oak


Nordic Oak 1775

TruWood XL - Desert Oak

TruWood XL – Desert Oak


Engineered to combine the rigidity and natural look of a laminate and the water resistance and durability of LVT it is however often what you can’t see that makes most of the difference!

At the heart of Tru-Wood is “Sure Core” a patented, ultra-stable, 100% natural wood fibre core board. Sure Core is 60% more stable than standard laminate floors and incorporates a two pass power seal process that makes Tru-Wood highly moisture resistant.  The result is a laminate floor that, for the first time, can be:

  • Wet mopped and steam cleaned.
  • Installed in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry’s. (72 Hour ponded water guarantee).
  • Installed in areas four times larger than traditional laminate flooring without the need for unsightly transition mouldings in the middle of a room or in doorways. (The maximum parameter for Tru-Wood is 20m x 20m).

Of course the “in service” characteristics of the floor are also critical.  Tru-Wood is protected by an AC5/33 full commercial grade wear surface.   This imparts unmatched scratch and stain resistance, is colour fast and in combination with the high density core also provides superior protection against indentations from impact loads.

Stain Test; Cigarette Test; Scratch and Wear Test).

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