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Flooring Apr 5, 2024

COMO Introduces Bonsai Herringbone Vinyl Flooring

Introducing the latest COMO Bonsai Herringbone vinyl flooring—where timeless elegance meets modern durability. Wondering what sets this flooring apart? Allow us to elaborate.

Picture this: a flooring design that echoes centuries of sophisticated appeal, now perfectly suited for South African homes. Our COMO Bonsai Herringbone vinyl flooring brings this classic pattern to life with the ability to stand the test of time. Crafted with care, our 3mm dry back planks boast a 0.5mm layer, delivering higher durability and wear resistance than its counterparts. Plus, with a lifetime residential and limited commercial warranty, you can trust in its durability.

But that’s not all—our glued-down flooring withstands high temperatures without expanding or contracting, allowing for seamless installation in larger areas. From bedrooms to living rooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms, modern interior designs are embracing herringbone floors like never before. Gone are the days of limiting this pattern to entryways and hallways—it’s now a versatile choice for any space.

With a sophisticated 4-sided Painted Bevel, our COMO Bonsai Herringbone flooring adds character and warmth to your interiors. And let’s talk trends—no longer confined to traditional wood tones, herringbone floors now come in a vast range of colours. From light and grey to deep and rich, there’s a shade to suit every style.


But here’s the magic: the herringbone pattern itself. Its diagonal lines and angles create an illusion of space, making rooms feel larger and more open. Whether installed perpendicular to the longest wall or in lighter colours to reflect more light, herringbone flooring enhances any interior.

Looking for tips and ideas? When incorporating herringbone flooring into your interior design, it’s important to create a balanced palette, perhaps allow the floor to be the star of the show! The possibilities are endless with COMO Bonsai Herringbone vinyl flooring—where timeless charm meets modern sophistication.

COMO Flooring is a most trusted supplier with 19 years of experience, delivering quality flooring solutions in Cape Town and Gauteng. In 2012, Global Stream created, developed and successfully launched its own Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) brand, COMO. This range is imported from a reputable manufacturer in China utilizing an agent based in the Far East to assist with negotiations and to ensure third-party quality control. As such, the teams’ core values and reputation remain deeply rooted in friendly, efficient, customer-focused service delivery and dedication to forming and nurturing strong and lasting relationships with local, European and Asian based manufacturing and retail partners.


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