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Flooring Jan 28, 2021

Oggie Flooring: Outdoor Decking & Cladding Trends with Thermowood

Thinking of revamping your outdoor areas to make the most of these spaces ? Outdoor Outdoor decking and cladding offer a superior Thermowood product that allows you to bring design flair together with the wood options and fresh outdoor air right into your living spaces.
Today we take a closer look at outdoor decking and cladding trends with professional advice from Oggie Flooring.
The Forest
We love forests, their freedom, freshness, complexity and strength. 
We love to connect nature with people in urban environments, so everyone can enjoy the calm forest aura. The mills in Finland transform Nørdic trees into beautiful and long-lasting Thermowood. This is the foundation and the perfect material for an ecological and healthy lifestyle as well as the result of years of dedication to sustainability.

Thermowod Nordic Ash Decking

Premium Thermowood
Thermo treated wood is a versatile material for exterior and interior applications in all climates. 
At Oggie Flooring, only the best Nordic Pine and Nordic Ash are chosen from well managed forests within a 150km radius of the mills. The thermal modification process uses only heat and steam to change each plank fibre all the way to the wood core.  This is where the cellular structure is altered and it darkens and toughens the wood, achieving a low moisture content and dimensional stability. The entire 48 hour process is carefully monitored digitally to ensure quality. After the plank is profiled, it goes through a specialised quality control unit called an Optimizer, where boards are scanned for grading and defects. Any defects are automatically rejected.
Why Thermowood for Decking and Cladding?
Thermo treated planks are energy efficient, durable, low maintenance, and decay resistant. This offers more opportunities for architects and designers to use wood in a beautiful and innovative way.
Some of the benefits include:
Suitable for exterior and interior applications in all climates, as the thermal conductivity is decreased so it does not react to temperature changes.
Dimensional Stability
Retains its shape better than untreated wood because the swelling and shrinkage is substantially reduced.
Moisture Resistant
Offers significantly reduced absorbency.
Thermal Modification of Every Fibre
Each plank is completely modified all the way through to the core, giving additional durability and stability.
Intense Modification
Peak temperature at 215°C. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Thermowood Nordic Pine Cladding.

Thermowood CLADDING
In addition to the Cladding planks being Thermowood, Oggie offers three different finish textures for their cladding an option of seven finish colours.
The texture finishes are done locally, in a Cape Town laboratory warehouse. Each texture can be coloured with one of the seven WOCA Denmark Exterior Oil,  so that the cladding planks are supplied to site, ready for installation having been completed to your design specification.
The thermowood cladding textures  are : Smooth, Brushed and Cross sawn.
The Cladding colour finishes are: Raw, Natural, Walnut, Grey, Stone Grey, Thunder Grey, Anthracite, Black

Thermowood Nordic Pine Cladding.

An example of anthracite colour finish in the three diff textures, along with the WOCA anthracite exterior finishing oil.

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