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Flooring Jul 2, 2022

Inovar: Winter Flooring

“Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.” This winter we introduce one of the toastiest flooring trends, FinOak’s Jax Oleum Pre-finished wood flooring now available from Inovar.

Make your home feel cosy and inviting for your guests whatever the occasion. From warm-toned shades to neutral flooring options. Perhaps you’re leaning more toward modern and minimal, alternatively, you may love rustic and rugged interiors.

Whatever interior atmosphere you’re going for, your wooden floor plays a huge role in getting you there. Generally speaking, lighter colours work best for modern designs while darker colours complement traditional and rustic atmospheres. However, you can always mix and match your flooring colours to achieve the perfect design. Keep in mind that undertones also influence the feel of a room.

When the season is chilly, we want nothing more than to hibernate in our cosy living spaces. The last thing our wintery souls want to deal with are contractors taking days to finish our flooring project, not to mention the mess and toxic fumes.

Prefinished wooden flooring is the way to go! The planks are pre-finished and don’t have to be sealed or finished on site. Once installed the floors can be walked on immediately.

There are many other benefits when choosing engineered wooden flooring:

Durability & Stability

The unique 3-ply construction of the durable core makes engineered hardwood extremely strong and sturdy. Your flooring will remain stylish for decades after installation with a 25year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Greater Adaptability

Engineered wood floors can be installed on and over a variety of sub-floors and installed as either a floating click system or as a full bonded glue down installation.

Engineered wood is environmentally friendly

It requires the cutting down of fewer trees, creates less waste and has greater product yielded from precious and costly hardwoods. Engineered versions of hardwood flooring are less expensive and easier to source.

This winter, choose flooring that is natural, warm underfoot and warm aesthetically. A flooring option that will last through each seasonal change for years to come.

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