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Flooring Mar 12, 2021

HMTX – a Traviata supplier


A range of Traviata’s Flooring Products and Systems are supplied by HMTX, a $750M global new materials manufacturer, whose brands service a diverse cross-section of the construction marketplace. The HMTX Family includes Aspecta, their high-end global contract brand for architects and designers; IsoCore, a 100% waterproof luxury vinyl with close cell IsoCore technology; and Traviloc XL-RCB, a rigid core board that offers exceptional dimensional stability, both of which are by VerteX, the revolution in resilient flooring and the foundation of the international supply chain for HMTX.

Together, these diverse brands embody HMTX’s core values of integrity, trust, reliability, loyalty, and honesty. Each represents their deep commitments to quality, innovation, sustainability, and transparency. These are the shared values and principles that have inspired millions of people throughout the world, as well as Traviata to install HMTX flooring.

HMTX continues to lead with a pioneering spirit that has propelled their extraordinary growth for more than five decades. From humble beginnings, they have proudly transformed an industry. They have learnt the importance of listening to their customers and treating customers, employees, suppliers, and the planet with the respect they so justly deserve.

Their thirst for excellence is a hallmark of every aspect of the business, from brilliant and daring design to revolutionary installation systems. You’ll see it in every material used, in every carton packed and shipped and, in the ways, they interact with each other, their partners and their customers.

At the core, HMTX are human beings creating products to be used by other human beings. They are dedicated to doing everything they can to improve people’s lives. They listen, they act, and they care.

By working together, this family of companies will continue to thrive and grow. HMTX group chairman, Harlan Stone, shared that when facing challenges, organizations need to exhibit resilience, adaptability, courage, and compassion. HMTX greatly expanded their sustainability leadership – winning the GreenStep award as the #1 Sustainable Flooring company in the marketplace and the initial Social Impact award from the Vinyl Sustainability Council for their work.

Their record for doing the right thing is who they are and even more reason why Traviata prides itself in having HMTX Group as their supplier, and manufacturer of the Aspecta, IsoCore and Traviloc XL-RCB ranges.   


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